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GProgrammer said:
Mr Puggsly said:

I could argue Mario Kart 8 is more impressive than anything on PS3. I mean 1080p/60 fps with very polished visuals.

You could argue that, but you will look very foolish as Mario Kart 8 on the Switch runs 720p maximum docked

See digital foundry for details

At the moment the PS3 does have the better looking games, though thats due in large part to the switch only being out just over 2 years, at the end of its life will the Switch have anything that can match last of us? debatable we will have to see in a few years time.

Tthe switchs GPU is better but the CPU is worse, it also has on 4GB memory vs 8GB. Will a full GTA5 come out on switch to match PS3, debatable without compromises due to its weaker CPU & less memory

You could've go with Bayonetya 2 or Super Mario Odyssey but instead you decided to go with the most polished game of the console which actually runs at 1080p@60fps

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