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Well, negative people are negative and positive people are positive, and they tend to react to news that they cannot elsewise be forced to react differently. Negative and Positive bieng overgeneralized catagorisations of an array of possibilities (Humans Greatest Problems #30) ... beyond that the point is, a negative person reacts REALLY negative to someone else's positivity. So the context/semantics, thinking or lack thereof, would have nothing to do with it.

I would like to add "humorously" {unfunny word} that I don't think this is right at all. This describes "Critical" thinking not "Constructive" thinking and thenceforth gets this whole exercise wrong and backwards. People need better Critical thinking skills for thoughtful communication. Constructive thinking is how to achievebly accomplish something (typically given an inidyllic set of circumstances) [like boss fight where all your Armor is atypically unequiped, because it's a squaresoft game] AS OPPOSED to Critical thinking bieng for weighing multiple options and determining the best move forward [Chess].
Constructive thinking would only serve to deraildisrupt an intellectual forum. :)