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Ka-pi96 said: 

Interesting to see the vote numbers too.

Especially with Pokemon Red/Blue having 5 more votes than Gold/Silver yet only being 1 rank higher.

Yeah, despite getting way more votes Red/Blue was only 7 points ahead of Gold/Silver. It only makes sense given how good the latter is.

Darwinianevolution said:

Thanks for all the work, mZuzek! A shame that Chrono Trigger did not reach the top 20, but what can you do.

What can I do? Hmm, play it, maybe. Everyone rates it so highly I'm sure it could at least break into my list. I've always been slightly interested in it, but I don't know, JRPGs are really not my thing.

forest-spirit said:

I suppose Breath of the Wild taking the #1 spot was a safe bet but it's still nice to see, as it very much deserves that position in my most humble opinion.

Pretty safe, yeah, it was so far ahead of everything else. I don't see it leaving that #1 spot any time soon.

axumblade said:
Great Job! Thank you for all of your hard work! Octopath Traveler surprised me that it got GOTY for this year since it was such a good year for releases!

It can be a little iffy with 2018, since Smash Ultimate wasn't eligible yet and Red Dead Redemption 2 probably suffered a bit for being too recent for people to list (happened with Super Mario Odyssey last year, compared to where it is now). I was surprised God of War and Spider-Man didn't get more love, but yeah, Octopath Traveler did good.