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The motion of people on screen is starting to look awkward at 24 fps filming and editing techniques are failing to hide the scrappy and crappy motion. What is this stupid love of 24 fps among self fart smelling critics? Is i a conspiracy to keep costs down for the filming elite and streaming servicesm? Is it just me?

When 1080p came around it was noticeable but forgivable and something that could be ignored however the higher we go in resolution and screen size the more we need to update FPS in films. 4k even a 47 inch on 24 fps can look so unnatural and uncanny with peoples fast action movements and when it does look good with editor intervention it can look choppy in an other way entirely. I do not understand this love for 24 fps, as a gamer maybe it's me who is just more sensitive to FPS now with frames north of 60 fps right up to 120 in VR. Is it just me?

The insane difference between something filmed in 24 fps against something filmed in 48 fps or even 60 fps should be noticeable to all regardless and motion can become so fluid and natural. I fail to see how anyone anyone can not be put off by the awkward motions of lower FPS after seeing higher rates, especially in fight scenes or fast action where editors litterally still frame some scenes and rubber band the action to offset the low fps. Is it just me? 

However it is not all doom and gloom for 24 fps as it only seems to be peoples relative movement and speed. Planet Earth 2 and other 24 fps filming without people in fast motion, stuff like dramas or nature Docs look great and rarely stutter. Is it just me?

Planet earth 2 works as well streaming as it does on blu ray and it is by far the best 4k content I've seen outside of 4k, HDR 60fps showcases on YouTube. I can see why Netflix would not want to support a double the frames for bandwith reasons but is it worth the sacrifice yo the eye? Is it just me?

I can't even watch Titans because of the awkward motion. Bright almost made me rage quit the damn film in some scenes. Is it just me?


What's your thoughts? Do you notice 24 fps over 48 fps or 60? Do you care outside of gaming? Do you play VR or high end PC and have higher standards? So familiar with high and smooth motion that 24 fps seems uncanny and unnatural or am I just hyper focusing on it now that I have seen the light... 


Is it just me?


/Rant end.