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Cerebralbore101 said:
Chris Hu said:

There is zero evidence that he existed there are no first person accounts of any of his actions while he was alive.

There is good evidence that he existed. Just not proof beyond a shadow of a doubt. Josephus is one such piece of evidence. Paul never knew Jesus but met Jesus' birth brother. And that alone is equal in evidence to a first person account of Jesus. If we know somebody's brother existed, then we know that somebody also existed as well. Finally, we have Tacitus a Roman Senator and Historian saying that Jesus existed, and was killed. 

Now what about evidence for Jesus Mythicism? There isn't any. It's all speculation, and theory. 

So even though the evidence isn't an absolute slam dunk of irrefutable proof, I have to side with Jesus being a historical figure. Few things in history are ever proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. For that we would need archaeology. But most of history relies on the written word. 

Nope, there is zero evidence that Jesus ever existed.  Of course if you believe in some or even most of the ancient myth and fair tales in the book that also contains Jesus then its pretty easy to convince yourself that he actually existed.  With most historical real people from the past there are numerous sources of evidence that they actually existed.