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bamf said:
I also heard the legal age of consent in Japan was 14 years. If you move to Japan and you have a daughter at 14years that consented to an adult you'd rip his fucking head off

I didn't see this comment earlier, sorry for the late answer. 

You're wrong. It's the usual internet fantasy that "Japan age of consent is 13", because it's written in one law.

The reality is that the 13 is the national "minimal age of consent", and the real age of consent is set by regional laws.

It's a pretty grey area actually, difficult to understand perfectly, but it's either 18 or 20. From what I understood, it's 18 if the parents are okay with it, 20 for perfect consent (20 being the age for adulthood). In your example, if your daughter is 18 and you disagree with her relationship, you could most likely sue the guy.

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