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StriderKiwi said:
HandofPrometheus said:
Some people in this thread...God forbid others have different taste.

This is why I tend to avoid movie discussions. There's always THAT GUY who implies or outright states "You movie preferences are trash and mine aren't." It's funny too because most of these people are into pretentious art/oscar-bait movies that themselves can be formulaic.

Thank you!!

That's my issue with Nolan's movies. 

While I was watching Dunkirk in 2017, I could almost picture Nolan thinking: "How can I make critics like this more and consider it for nominations?, oh! I know, I'm gonna shuffle the scenes at random so people have to think hard to keep track of it and then feel smarter"

And with Inception's ending I felt like it was specifically designed to let people arguing about it.

Now don't get me wrong, I actually enjoyed both of these movies (and most of Nolan's movies).  But sometimes you just can feel all the planning behind it to make them look smarter than what they really are.  It just doesn't feel organic.