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Yeah, the "my favorite 2018 movies"-lists in this thread confused me as well.

I guess that's why some people want Sony to stop making movies. These people only watch the cookie-cutter blockbusters loaded with fan service, CGI galore and cool jokes and Sony suck at making those.

No, just comic book movies. Their track record is as bad as WB's with the DCEU. Let's not forget that Spider-Man was shipped off to Marvel to have his image repaired in the MCU after being driven into the ground with 3 terrible movies in 7 years. And now, they're fixing to butcher Carnage by turning Cletus Kasady into a kid-friendly sympathetic character, which is the equivalent of making a PG-13 Resident Evil movie (no, I don't need gratuitous violence to be entertained, but when it's a property that's largely known and loved FOR its violence, you can't kiddify it).

Venom wasn't that great, either. Speaking of which:

Sorry, couldn't resist.

That's my point. Sony suck at making blockbusters and I see why you'd want a gory Carnage movie instead of what Sony ends up spitting out. But if you broaden your horizon to look beyond blockbusters, Sony Classics (and other studios) are making some highly memorable movies.

Aggregating Box Office Mojo's data since 2001, total Oscar wins by studio are:

1. Fox + Fox Searchlight - 50
2. Sony Columbia + Sony Classics - 36
3. Warner Brothers + New Line Cinema (bought in 2008) - 32
4. Buena Vista + Walt Disney + Pixar - 30
5. Paramount + Paramount Vantage + DreamWorks (owned in 2006-2008) - 29
6. Miramax - 23
7. Universal + Focus Features (bought in 2016) - 22
8. Lionsgate - 20
9. Lantern Entertainment (former Weinstein Company) - 19

This year alone, movies by Sony Columbia and Sony Classics have 11 Oscar nominations.