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I don't think Bungie wants to be bought. They had reasons for leaving Microsoft a decade ago and they weren't even owned by Activision but clearly they hated being under them in any way. From what I read, both situations were cause for celebration within the studio once they parted ways. Don't look for Bungie to get involved with any more long term deals and certainly don't look for them to be acquired. They will most likely try to do what Insomniac has managed to pull off and avoid any such similar situations they were in like the plague.

The $100 million investment they got from NetEase to make an unannounced game should keep them afloat for awhile plus whatever they get out of their work with Activision. I don't think they'll have any problem securing investment for Destiny 3, especially since there seems to be a generally positive feeling about the direction Bungie is heading after this news. Though the ball is now in their court and Bungie has to prove that the issues with Destiny were more driven by their conflict with Activision than their own failures.