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He didnt sacrifice anything as he was only a concept, and the gnostics wrote the gospels as an allegory on how to advance the powers of your soul, before it was corrupted through the powerful to remove any of it real meaning and spiritual message. Furthermore, the true Gods of the rightful owners of this earth, us humans, hate the degeneracy and toxic manipulative thinking and all the schemes related to any false religion. Our true God is the one and only God, he didnt conceive a child with a woman as God is the life force itself, not some mystical being. There are many Gods/Fallen angels/Spacemen/Aliens that visited the earth over the course of our history, these are the real "Gods" of us gentiles, as they found some humans to be attractive, they also helped create some of the races through selective breeding and gene manipulation. The jewish people created the christianity you know as a way to strip any of the spiritual power away from us, make us feel guilty for actions that are not immoral in the slightest, neglect building your chakras and energy working because such things are "Forbidden", to confuse you into being a slave for a God that doesnt answer your prayers, you never see, feel, and experience. It gets you into magical thinking like prayer and the like. Pray to a can of soda, the odds will be the same as praying to your false God... If you really want to change your life and learn how to live on in the afterlife, seek out true religions, ones that teach you how to empower your soul, minds, and bodies, be happy, healthy, and okay with who you are, ones that revere the native Gods and ancestors of your people, We dont need this bullshit religion shoved down our throats, because the true Gods, the ones who want the best for mankind despise the weakness that your religion causes in people.