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shikamaru317 said:

Yeah, there is no good reason for MS to buy Bungie. They just aren't interested in Halo development anymore, so it's not like MS could just merge them with 343. Destiny popularity is dwindling, the whole MMO shooter thing was clearly a fad that is past it's peak (just look at Anthem's poor preorders), it has been passed by a new fad, Battle royale. Bungie clearly want to keep making Destiny sequels instead of working on Halo again or new IP, and Destiny sequels would be unlikely to be profitable any longer, looking at how high the budget was for Destiny 1 and at how much Destiny 2's sales were down by. Bungie is huge and would be an expensive purchase for MS, they could get multiple other studios for the same price, and there are other AAA independent developers they could buy that would probably cost less than Bungie that are much better options, such as Remedy, Gearbox, and Crytek. Hell, they could probably get CD Projekt for the same price as Bungie if they wanted to, and Bethesda for only a bit more. 

I'd argie that the sub genre is stil very healthy. Destiny 2 still averages well over 1m daily players, Warframe is as popular as ever, and The Division 2 is looking like it will be a big hit this year. Anthem just looks boring imo.