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Have the reasons changed since the last time this popped up lol?

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Well there is Josephus. People argued that Josephus was interpolated (added to by another author). Out of this two theories came about. The first one was that the entire part of Josephus which mentions Jesus was added in by a Christian around 300 CE. The second theory was that the part of Josephus which mentions Jesus was only partially interpolated. A few years ago an Islamic copy of Josephus was found, and it matched what scholars had theorized a partially interpolated Josephus would look like, if unaltered. So there is good evidence he existed. As for absolute proof, there's no absolute proof for many things in history. Can we prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Caesar was stabbed to death? Nope. We have to rely on the reports of others. How about that Alexander died of an illness and not in battle? Again, no. Or can we prove that Oda Nobunaga led armies. Nope. Again, we have to rely on what people in the past are telling us, and there's always the chance no matter how small that they are lying or mistaken. 

There is zero evidence that he existed there are no first person accounts of any of his actions while he was alive.

Even if there would be first person accounts, there was the Indian guy Shirdi Sai Baba with thousands upon thousands of followers who would claim had witnessed miracles performed by him and yet no one is taking those alleged miracles as facts in spite of the personal accounts.

I recommend believers the following exercise: if the same arguments you bring forward for the existence of your god also apply for another claim -  that could even contradict the existence of your god as is the case for other gods of other religions - would you recognize that those claims are also true? If your argument is good to say your god is real, then the same argument and alleged "evidence" when applies to something else would also make those other claims real.

The only way to separate falsehoods from truth is to have standards to discriminate between those two things, otherwise everything and anything is real.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because: