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colafitte said:
zorg1000 said:

It will certainly be a solid mover during the holidays but sales will diminish being the 3rd year of $199 bundles.

2016-$249+Uncharted 4




2016 saw PS4 sell 6.2 million in the holiday season

2017 saw PS4 sell 5.9 million in the holiday season

2018 saw PS4 sell 5.6 million in the holiday season


Holiday sales have decreased from 2016-2018 despite having better deals, which isnt a bad thing, its completely expected out of a console to decline in the 5th & 6th holiday seasons and I'm expecting that trend to continue regardless of how good the bundles/price cuts are this year.

If PS4 does 5'3M in holiday season 2019 it will be an enormous success. Even if it does 5'0M. It will be the last big holiday sales for PS4 though because next year should be PS5 launch aiming for 5'0M sold before year ends. 

Absolutely, those would be very good sales even for a console in its prime.

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