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Yerm said:

Up until now Nintendo has been keeping us in the dark about which NES games would launch for the Switch's NES app in 2019, after what seemed like a consistent schedule for 2018. But they have just dropped the ball by announcing just 2 more games that will be added to the service for January, these being Blaster Master and Zelda II.


Fans are rightfully upset that not only are the number of games to expect each month has been halved only several months in, but this month's games are a snooze fest. Personally, I have never heard of Blaster Master, and have no interest in Zelda II since it is widely considered to be the worst Zelda game. If anything this just reinforces the mentality that Nintendo is putting in the bare minimum effort to improve the quality of their service. At least when the service began there was hope for it to get better, but it seems Nintendo is going in the wrong direction. 

You've got to try harder in your trolling than that.

It's not 1990s anymore, no one buys the "I'm too ignorant to know shit or have opinions of my own" act these days.

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