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tbone51 said:
fatslob-:O said:
It is with this data that the Switch closes out last year with a total of ~3.5M units sold in Japan compared to ~3.3M units in 2017 ...

Yeap and another increase hopefully huge will be great for 2019. Does suck it didnt do 4mil last year but this year is achievable

Yeah this year with likely a new hardware version of Switch, likely a price drop on original Switch to coincide with the new hardware, NSMBU, Smash and Let's Go continue pushing sales, a bunch of old FF games, likely DQXI, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon Core I'd be shocked if it doesn't sell more than 4 million.




And oh my god Smash is about to pass Splatoon. That's crazy. I mean it was inevitable but I never thought it'd be this quick!