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Diomedes1976 said: After recent inquiries about 80% of the PS3 owners are looking for BR movies and at least 50% look at the PS3 as their primary optical drive for movies ...with one million units shipped (at at 10 january probably already sold ) by 31 dec it is obvious that Sony will win this war on numbers alone .HD-DVD has seen a good boost with the HD-DVD attachment for the X360 but finally the numbers are starting to press on the HD-DVD side ...even if only 50% of the PS3 owners bought movies regularly it would be still half a million readers (plus the standalone players ) in NA against some 275 000 HD-DVD standalone and X360 HD-DVDadd ons put toghether .... By the way I can understand going for the underdog and the zealous creed of some early adopters but really sticking to UNIVERSAL only to satisfy their HD needs is a bit off ....the PS3 being about the same price of a stand-alone HD-DVD players and having the support of 7 out of 8 movie studios it is simply a way better machine for HD movies ....with the added value of its gaming/internet browsing/PSP connectivity/Linux OS of course ....
At CES: According to Toshiba only 175,000 stand alone players were sold in 2006 and of those they are counting the HD-DVD add on of the 360 as a stand alone player. According to reports that number is 115,000 HD-DVD add on, so they actually only sold 60,000 stand alone players. BD stand alones have sold about 25,000+Approximately 800,000 PS3s sold. And 80% said they would buy BDs. Of those 82% said they expect to buy more BDs than they initially thought they would after they purchased their PS3. The AVS forum is a very knowledgable place, a lot of good info there. I was just surprised that avid movie fans, HD fans were saying they were going to purchase a PS3 because they would be able to watch BDs that HD-DVD can't offer. It's a nice positive that will only contribute to better PS3 sales.