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Cerebralbore101 said:

Hiku said: 

Granblue Fantasy Relink


Yeah Platinum can do anything and I'll be onboard. Not sure when that one is coming out though. 

DMCV is something that I hope winds up being good. But the MTX in it just make me wary. Same goes for MK11. It looks good, but I'm not paying $60 + another $40 for season pass characters. 

Yeah, might not be this year. But since I'm already a fan of Granblue's characters, I'm even more excited about it.
<as for the MTX in DMCV, it appears identical (so far) to the ones in DMC4 Special Edition. And a gaming outlet (I think it was Kotaku) tested how long it took to level up skills in both games and found them to seem identical. So if Capcom keep it at that, I'm fine with it. I just hope additional characters like Trish can be unlocked in the game as usual, rather than paying for them as DLC. But I won't get my hopes up about that in this day and age...