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psychicscubadiver said:

Also, I've been reading Shougeki no Souma and finally caught up. Now, call me crazy, but I think the Noir Chefs in the latest arc are so over-the-top stupid, even for this series, that they're hilarious.

Heh...well I guess that's not so crazy, even if they do make the manga basically feel like a meme at this point. Honestly, It feels to me like the author is trying to cram as many plot points in as possible before the series gets axed. No idea who thought Dark Chefs was a good idea, but it makes me miss Erina's dad somehow. 

I'm basically just reading for that eventual Souma/Erina reunion. If the payoff for that sucks, I'm probably out for good.


In the meantime, I just got caught up on Dr. Stone, another Jump manga that's been super popular lately, and actually has an anime already confirmed for later this year.

The premise is that a mysterious light turns everyone on Earth into a stone statue, essentially causing the apocalypse. One guy wakes up 3700 years later, and begins to rebuild society, reviving other statues and gaining new comrades along the way.

Most of the manga is about the characters crafting new things, which in turns lets them craft other new things, slowly advancing science in a prehistoric type setting. It's a cool idea, and while it does require some suspension of disbelief, the actual science lessons are pretty accurate and informative.

The characters are all pretty fun, and has one of the coolest MCs I've seen in a while. Overall it's a solid series and I hope it stays strong.

Hm? Oh, all the females are blonde? Oh my...I didn't notice.

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