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WhatATimeToBeAlive said:

There's no human on this planet would use the least review version as an argument except you.

But the Xbox version of RDR2 is the one that a game has to top on the Metacritic list to become more higher rated.

Would you say that if Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 got 100 reviews and a score of 97, but would be below RDR2 Xbox One, that it would then be more higher rated/equal?

What is the point of that Metacritic list if games can't be compared if they have different amount of reviews, and as a result everything would be only 96, 97... That would also mean that a game which score is the lowest 97 on the list would be regarded as equal to the highest 97 game on the h list. But the highest 96 would be viewed lower than the lowest 97, even though their actual score would be almost the same.

Both PS4 and X1 versions got a 97, but consider the PS4 had 97 reviews, while X1 only 33...

it is the same Game, but on a tech point of view, X1X>PS4>X1 base model.  Meta is the same though.   

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