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The_Liquid_Laser said:
WhatATimeToBeAlive said:

That list is from Gamerankings not Metacritic, which also has more reviews than Gamerankings. 

And saying that RDR2 is overrated is not a valid argument unless you also want to apply it to Zelda and Mario games.

It's overrated because the actual player doesn't think it's that great of a game.  Just compare the critic scores to the user scores on Metacritic.

RDR2 (XB1)
Metascore: 97 User score 7.3 (or 73 equivalent) difference: 24 points

RDR2 (PS4)
Metascore: 97 User score: 7.9 (or 79) difference: 18 points

BotW (Switch)
Metascore: 97 User score 8.5 (or 85)  difference: 12 points

Mario Odyssey (Switch)
Metascore: 97 User score: 8.9 (or 89) difference: 8 points

The biggest gap between the user base and the critics is on RDR2.  That makes the game OVERRATED.  It is rated too highly by critics.  Players think the game is decent but nothing special.  Players are saying RDR2 is OVERRATED.

God Of War (PS4) [118 critics]
Metascore: 94 User score: 9.2 (or 92) difference: 2 points

If we follow this logic : God Of War remains unbeatable.
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