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WhatATimeToBeAlive said:
Cobretti2 said:

You could do it the way I said to your previous message. Or the way you just said in bold, as the topic.

No one is combining consoles, Both RDR2 games are rated 97. The decimals do not matter lol. They don't matter because of the different review counts. The more people that review on a platform the likelihood more will hate it. 97 rounded on both systems is good enough for most people to accept they are equally the same. 


If someone asked what is the highest rated current generation game on Metacritic, what would you answer?

Metacritic also rounds scores by ingnoring decimals, so your method would put games scoring 97,1 and 97,9 as equal (97), and a 96,9 game below them (96).

We don't know the decimal so they are all 97.

The question shoudl be which game this gen do we think will reach 98