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ColecoVision is my number one pick.


Nobody ever really talks about it but it had an almost arcade perfect port of Donkey Kong a few years before the NES debuted in the US.


The main reason it's overlooked is because you'd have to be old enough to remember it in its hey day and it was mainly just a US console (where you lived in the 80s and even the 90s determined what consoles you were familiar with unlike today).  Also, it debuted during the crash of 83 in the US lol.  But it was powerful, you could hook up the module 1 to play hundreds of 2600 Atari games, and it came packed with a Nintendo game!  It was the most powerful console around until the NES rejuvenated the market.  


Other than the ColecoVision.... I feel most consoles are remembered fairly in line with their legacies.  Regardless, to pick a more familiar one in the same vein as others in this topic....


Dreamcast . 😊