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SvennoJ said:
People aren't willing to throw $99 away on a ps mini ;)

Mostly because it's quality is not acceptable, it's worse than AT Games efforts.
Price wasn't the issue.

The list of games is also hilariously bad.

You know you have dropped the ball when the NES Classic can emulate PS1 games better than the Playstation Classic.

Mr Puggsly said:

360 is not a great way to play OG Xbox games. Quite frankly, the 360's BC is a crappy option because the emulation isn't great. The 360 tends to run BC games worse than native specs, while the X1 instead gives better performance with increased resolutions. I suspect the X1 is actually using the same emulator as 360, but the emulation team is fixing bugs and performance issues are improved with the brute force power of X1.

Varies from game to game. The games I play run fine.

With that said... There are also some advantages to Xbox 360's backwards compatibility over the Xbox One... Like a larger selection of supported games for one... And unlike the OG Xbox, can upscale and have digital video output, faster load times and so on.

With the exception of a couple games, chances or I will play them on the Xbox 360 rather than original Xbox. - The Xbox One doesn't support enough titles (Like 2 out of my entire library so far?) to even make it worth my effort, but when it does support an OG game, they look crisp on my Xbox One X.

To Microsoft's credit, they have really refined their emulation efforts... They just need to increase their compatibility, they are severely lacking in titles.

Mr Puggsly said:

Anyhow, my main point was mini consoles are getting a lot of hype at the moment. If MS wanted to jump in that in some way, just use the X1 to make a tribute OG Xbox. People would also love a compilation of notable Xbox games in a single disc or digital purchase. It will be 20 years in 2021 I believe.

I think cost is to much of an issue by using Xbox One internals.

I think if Microsoft pegs AMD to make a lower cost SoC without the expensive ESRAM, maybe shave off a couple CU's and takes the SLC NAND instead of spinning rust approach, ditch the optical disk drive, maybe cut off 4GB of Ram, they could get a console down to $150. - They could up-sell by making people buy an additional 3~ controllers, maybe have some online functionality to buy/download OG Xbox/Xbox 360 games.

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