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Cerebralbore101 said:

Exclusives do matter, even more so for Nintendo. One of the biggest problems with the Wii U was that Nintendo's release schedule for those vital exclusive games was abysmal. Especially in the crucial first 12 months. 

First 12 months of Wii U exclusives...

November NSMBU (Underwhelming paint by numbers sequelitis.)
December   NOTHING
January        NOTHING
February      NOTHING
March          NOTHING
April             NOTHING
May              NOTHING
June             NOTHING
July               NOTHING
August          Pikmin 3
September  NOTHING
October       NOTHING

But what about Windwaker HD? Sorry but remakes/remasters are available on an older system and thus not exactly exclusive. They also don't tend to move units unless they have Kart in the name. 

It did have Zombi U but ported in 5 years later to Xbox One/PS4 I think

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