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SvennoJ said:
John2290 said:

I was going to try SoTC but I seen TLG already in my library so I'm DL'ing that, Detroit and GT sport. I did try tetris effect and it's quite cool in the menus but the effects are fairly unimpressive outside of VR. 

Did you turn HDR on in the menu? I think it looks quite lovely. I actually prefer it on my 4K HDR tv than in PSVR.
I should play TLG again, played that before I had the 4K HDR tv. Thanks for reminding me of that one :)

GTS is still the best though. Every time I play that it still wows me.

I'm downloading GT sport cause of exactly that, everyone says it's the best hdr but god almighty it's nearly 90 gigs now. And yeah, I turned tetris effect HDR on manually in game, it's good yeah, it just the FoV blocks most of the effects outside of vr. 

I think the best thing I've watched in 4k hdr was some videos of fireworks in youtube, it's definitely a video medium and has yet to be taken advantage of in games fully.