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Some people that have Nintendo don't understand how life is in places like South America for example, something that Sony and even Microsoft does. Instead of becoming competitive here they just choose the elitism approach which is very sad. They don't even release games here anymore while PS4 and X1 games are released even with subtitles in portuguese. I have a P4, 3DS and Switch (that I bought while I visited my brother in Canada last year) and quality wise there is no reason for Nintendo act the way they do. Their games are not better. I loved "Breath of the Wild" and and "Odyssey". But I loved Persona 5 and God of War way more and they are not 60$, a game like Mario Party being $60 really makes me laugh to be honest.
Games should be enjoyed by everyone and even though I will continue playing Switch next year because of their approach I will play way less than I could have.