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I recently bought a 4k TV and while everything works great with the PRO HDMI cable and the cable I got spare when put directly from the TV into the PRO, I can not get any combinations of these cables to work through the PsVr breakout box. When I boot up Youtube it tells me 4k is not available and while the 4k works in games like Horizon, the HDR does not. In horizons case it says unavailable in the settings and games where it automatically works like Spiderman it does not when going through the breakout box. 

I am positively sure my PSVR is gen 2, my TV is HDR (as it works directly) the only thing I am not sure about is which two HDMI cables out of my three standard ps4's are 2.0. Both the gen 2 PSVR said it had a 2.0 cable as well as the pro. I can not find any differentiating aspects to them as all three have the same high speed cable printed on them. Regardless, every one of them works with 4k, HDR when directly used, including the 2014 ps4 OG cable. 

Anyone out there that can help? Or have any tips. Also, sorry about the grammar and spelling, my Mobile is glitchy for some reason. 

I don't mind swapping cables but since it is advertised to have this feature I'd really prefer to have everything connected at once as I use the PSVR headset very irregularly. Please help. 


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