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JRPGfan said:
manuelogando40 said:
5m april-september
1.2m October
3.1m November
6.5m December
1.4m January
1.1m February
0.8m March
Total: 19,1.
So they will fail in their prediction. But yoy Nintendo Switch will sell 25% more.

Seriously doubt Nintendo can sell 6.5m Switch's in december.
At most it ll be like abit above 5m, at worst it ll be barely be over 4m.

That should take your total down to 16,5 to 17,5, which is alot more realistic with how things have been going so far.
Nintendo is going to fall short of those 20m and not just by 1m but by more than that.

If nintendo wanted to do a 20m year, they would have needed to stay well ahead of the PS4 more or less all year round.
Sadly that didnt end up happending, and having unrealistic expectations of the holidays isnt going to fix it.

So youre seriously thinking 16.5M is a solid prediction for this? Despite the fact that from the numbers we have so far during the holidays (which is Nintendoes forte) is significantly up compared to last year? Now you're just being silly.

20M is by no means a certain thing, but it's going to be closer to 20 than 16.5 that's 100% certain.