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konnichiwa said:
Intrinsic said:

This... so much.

The should have just made the PS4 play both the PS1 and PS2 games. We all know its possible.

One would think that by now sony knows what works for it and what doesn't. 

Remakes and Re-releases make sadly more money.  I am honestly very dissapointed how they handled the PS2 games on PSN. Most were 15 Euro not exactly cheap but even then the experience was not always great. The original Jax and daxter had a 100% bug that did let the game crash after a certain quest.  Still waiting for ape escape 3 and those atlus games :(.

But that doesn't apply. No one is going to say they won't buy the SoTC or R&C remakes because they can play the PS2 originals on their PS4. Those remakes are practically new games. The only way I see this affecting anything is with regards t remasters which are usually just uprezzed versions of  games. 

If there is one thing MS is din rights its their approach to BC. I personally will not buy a game simply because its been uprezed (remastered) but I will buy a remake in a heartbeat. I bought R&C, SoTC and will be buying RE2 without a doubt. I have however not bought a single remaster ever. With exception to TLoU but that was because the first time I was playing it was on my PS4.