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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Runa216 said:
Is there a thread for people who just want to play for fun without turning everything into a super-serious competition?

I love smash, I love playing online, and I love the idea of having a bunch of friends online to play with, but I'm casual with the game and can't stand the 'final destination, fox, no items, 1v1, stock only' types. Games are meant to be fun, not work.

What's super serious about playing a 1v1 with some people you barely know from a forum? 

Have you actually tried playing a 1v1 without items? It's fun. Doesn't have to be work either. 

I can't speak for him but I know I hate 1v1 matches without items. used to be in a league in college back when Brawl came out and it was really repetitive. Same levels, same characters, same items (Read: none), and it was like playing 1% of a game to me. I just don't see the appeal. 

The thing I like about Smash is that anyone can play it from literal babies smashing buttons to some of the most hardcore pros out there. I'm the kind of gal who plays it with all items, all stages, random characters, smash balls/gauge on. I love how hectic it is, and playing for fun is just the best because I can have 8 people playing all at once on the same screen and nobody cares about winning because we're all having too much fun. When it's 1v1, no items, omega/Final Destination only it's just boring and the purity of competition drains the game of 99% of its soul and heart. 

Plus I'm not that good anymore and losing sucks, especially when you're playing stock and get to wait for 5 minutes while the remaining folks duke it out because you were fooling around and lost all three of your stock because you were having too much fun to worry about it. 

I'm decent. I can hold my own, but I hate limiting myself to a tiny fraction of the game's options just to experience a more 'competitive' version of the game; two modifiers I dislike in service of the other. 

So I understood Runa when he said the game is meant to be fun. No idea why Mzuzek felt like being a prick about it. I also want to find a group of folks to play with online that just have fun and don't take it too seriously. I only like playing time battles with all items with random stage and random characters.