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SpokenTruth said:
Nuvendil said:

I think people often forget that generations are entirely arbitrary categorizations used in the industry to divide the history of console sales and competition into periods dominated by sets of hardware that were considered contemparies of one another and were each other's principle competition.  The Switch makes the most sense as a Gen 8 platform.  Yes, that means Nintendo had 2.  Doesn't really matter.  Barring miraculous legs or a surprise early launch for gen 9, the Switch will garner the majority of its sales in competition with the PS4 and Xbone.  And it will do so over a period of 3 years or more.  Rolling it into gen 9 would make no sense.  

Absolutely correct.  And having 2 consoles in the same generation is not unprecedented.  Magnavox had 2 consoles in the first generation, Atari had 2 in the second generation, Sega and Atari both had 2 in the 3rd generation and SNK had 2 in the fourth generation.  It's less common now but it's certainly not something unique to Nintendo this generation.

Too many people think power determines their inclusion into a generation but nobody in the industry itself has ever used that criterion.

None of what you two guys said matters.

Nintendo issued a press release based on NPD data, and NPD has classified Switch as a current generation home console. Nintendo isn't going to bother to contest that classification, they just take it and build their PR from there.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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