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SpokenTruth said:
kirby007 said:

I dont see a normal xbox one and a one x as the same console either

This is where you have to be careful about generational and console delineations.  Again, power is not the criterion.  The Xbox One X doesn't differentiate itself enough from the standard model to gain acceptance as a separate and independent console.

Admittedly, these rules aren't written in stone and their application is largely centered around industry consensus. With that in mind, the industry still qualifies the One and One X as the same console....just different models.

The problem is Microsoft did (IMO) a huge mistake by releasing an almost 6 times more powerful hardware than its base model and market it as the same console. From a 900p console which can barely hold up 30 fps to a 4k-60fps console there is a huge gap, even a generation. And they prevent them from potential huge sales by naming it after a non-failure-but-non-successful-either brand.


Sony didn't do that by releasing a half-baked 2k-30fps Pro version which can mostly be useful to play games on "performance mode". So no real generation gap for the PS4.

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