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According to the World Factbook (run by the CIA), the average Mexican household makes $10,000 US. I submit that it is unlikely console sales are significant in a country when a 360 costs $300 or $400 without games, live, extra controllers. The country has 40 million impovershied citizens. Assuming the top twenty percent of Mexico makes about what an average American might, that is still a market of 20 million peeople or so. If roughly 1/60 x 300 million Americans bought a 360 (rounded to 5 million sales) at comparable income levels to that top 20 million, then I would expect 1/60 x 20 million = 300k in Mexican 360 users. Most of which were bought in the USA because the price is cheaper and supply is greater. - The Source

People are difficult to govern because they have too much knowledge.

When there are more laws, there are more criminals.

- Lao Tzu