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My current thoughts on the situation are just of annoyance, I voted remain and know of people that voted Remain, voted leave because they didn't understand and voted leave but did understand. In the end I don't care about any of it as to me it seems that all I see is politicians arguing like children. We are paying a massive bill for god knows what to leave, May is doing the best she can but the PM at the time (Cameron) quit so he didn't have to deal with it, those who wanted out (like Farage and Johnson) either aren't even in power and aren't helping the PM or just quit at every turn instead of helping. She's literally the only person trying to do something, not only to meet the demands of the public that voted out but to make sure we are okay afterwards, sadly this means making compromises it seems which no one likes probably including herself. All calling for another vote does is rub salt into wounds as it's the whole thing of just keep voting until you get the result you want (see Sturgeon's policy on Scotish Independence). If you have a superficial vote and it goes the other way but we still go out it'll be worse.

Hmm, pie.