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phinch1 said:

Swiss have already accepted a trade deal with us, even in the event of no deal, bet other countries do the same, we're a huge buying country

Not EU countries though as they can't. Switzerland is not a member of the EU. Swiss-EU relation is based on a series bilateral agreements rather than trade deals, and these are not the same. Separate EU countries cannot negotiate trade deals on their own. That's the whole point of a single market and one of the points of Brexiteers. Also Switzerland participates in the single market and it (at least theoretically) must follow some EU’s rules of the single market. What makes Switzerland unique is that is uses its own courts rather than EFTA ... and that is pretty much best case scenario for UK. It will be much harder (if not impossible) to replicate that with Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein (all members of EEA) and very much impossible for the rest of the 27 EU countries. 

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