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EricHiggin said:
Eagle367 said:

Or it could be the EU teaching the UK a lesson. Something like the EU saying, "You say we're a monster, so we're gonna show you what a real monster is". If the EU gave a good deal to the UK, it would mean the EU took the UK seriously and that would just be inviting other people to leave the EU. You gave a good deal to the Brits, so now it's our turn 

Yes. The EU will make things hard on the UK on purpose, to make an example of them. Hopefully is causes the UK to fold and remain, or exit and fail. If the other nations get out of line, they will know what they potentially face this way, so they are likely to stay put. If the EU cared about the UK and it's people and democracy, it would fold and make it easy for them, but they aren't. Who's the good guy and who's the bad guy?

This is a terrible point. Giving the UK the advantages it requests will give the UK a competitive advantage over the other EU countries. Why would they disadvantage existing members by offering the UK a deal that makes it the only non-EU state with perks only member states have? UK is leaving so why is it more democratic to help the UK to the detriment of current members, than to ensure a level playing field for all (remaining) members?