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Update 2 - New System is Now Live - http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=239684

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The changes

From 2019 onwards (chart time, not real time; so roughly 6-7 weeks from now) we will be shifting away from tracking physical retail software sales to reporting on and archiving official software shipment data. We will also give official regional sales charts greater coverage going forwards, and also intend to publish some new revenue-based charts, rather than our own estimated charts. Hardware tracking will remain as it is at present – no changes there.

Why now?

The ever-increasing rate of digital sales has resulted in physical-only sales painting a misleading picture of how much most games have sold. We’ve also lost two of our tracking sources over the course of the last year or so, making even our physical-only estimates less and less reliable.

So change is necessary. We have no way of estimating digital sales for individual titles, however, so what we want to do instead is source, display, and build up a large database of official shipment data.

What will this all look like?

There are three main areas of the site that this will impact:

The front page - Here the weekly software chart box on the left hand side will be replaced by a more prominent and slightly reworked latest chart updates box, which will cover official regional charts and any charts that we end up producing ourselves. A new box will also be added to the front page, which will display the latest sales updates for individual games.

The GameDB – A shipment box will appear on the top right of all game pages whenever shipment data is updated by a member of the Sales Team. This will take precedence over any retail estimates that may currently be on those pages. Until/unless shipment data is added to a game page then the retail-only estimates will continue to be displayed on the top right of the game pages and on the various ranking lists throughout the site.

A new Sales tab will be added to game pages. This will serve two key purposes: 1) It will act as an archive page for our older retail sales estimates data, and 2) It will display a historical list of shipment sales milestones and their sources.

Our goal is to have the most authoritative shipment database for individual software titles and we’ll be adding new users to the Sales Team to help fill out the database with official data.

The top bar – The chart tab will be reworked slightly. The old options will be condensed and will link to our sales archives. New options will be added to reflect the change in focus towards official data.

Supporter Perks


Bronze perks remain unaffected by these changes, but Silver loses one and Gold loses two perks. To compensate all Silver and Gold supporters will receive a free 6 months. These will be added to your accounts tomorrow, so anyone who signs up today will also receive the bonus 6 months.

We’ll also add a couple of new perks. Talon has developed a retro blue site theme that will be exclusive to Supporters – one based on the first version of VGC – to go with the Dark Mode theme he recently added. This will be rolled out very soon to all Supporters. He'll also be adding a bonus multiplier for Prediction League and bonus starting VG$ for the Prediction League. Finally, we’re also open to suggestions for additional supporter perks you’d like to see added – shoot me a message or wall post if you have any. The Admin team will discuss any workable suggestions and we’ll implement the best ones.

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