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Hiku said:

I recently finished the Erased anime, and am currently reading through the manga to see the differences, because there are some substantial ones.

Also reading Promised Neverland, which will be getting an anime release soon. And Attack on Titan.
Speaking of which, did anyone read the latest AOT chapter? Because holy MonkaS. That may be the most surprising and intense chapter in the whole series.
No spoilers, just one panel representing it with the text bubbles cut out:

I have my ideas of what's going on. But no matter what it is, this was still a very extreme way to go about it.

I don't read AoT myself, but I did have a friend who did, and each time a new chapter came out, it seemed like something crazy was always going on, haha. I did watch the 1st season of the anime, which I found enjoyable.

I also watched the Erased anime, which I found enjoyable overall. I know some people were mixed about the later part of it, including myself, but the 1st half was really great. Is it worth checking out the manga version?

Promised Neverland is one I've wanted to check out for some time. I recall the art style sticking out to me.



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