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TheMisterManGuy said:
Cloudman said:

I still think there could be smaller 3DS type games on the Switch, but that limitation is no longer there. So Nintendo could opt to make more bigger titles than the latter.

I would agree as well, but they'll be of a different type than the ones that were on 3DS. Meaning, instead of some one-off puzzle game that only really works in handheld mode, we'll see something that uses the Joy-Con in a unique way that can translate well to both docked and undocked play-styles. With the Switch, there's no longer a need to make games that are strictly meant for on the go play because nearly every game can work well in both contexts. 


Yeah, I can see that happening with the Joy cons, at least from Nintendo. They like to experiment with the tools they have. I just meant more games like a top down Zelda like A Link Between Worlds for example. A lower budget style game, but still a good fit on the system. I think there still be games like this on the Switch, but maybe not as much as console style games.



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