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TheMisterManGuy said:
Cloudman said:
Considering how strong Nintendo started the Switch's 1st year, it shouldn't be so surprising that Nintendo would slow down a little bit. Sure, they pulled their resources into one system, but it's different compared to when they were making games for a console and a handheld. If the the majority of their 1st party games are going to be of console quality, that's going to take some time to consistently make good quality games. They're not just going to magically make games like BotW, XC2 and MO every year. These things take time, and some of those efforts will show next year. 3rd parties need to pick up the pace, haha.

This. Nintendo combining their resources to one console never necessarily meant that it'd happen overnight, nor does it mean we'll see say, 3D Land and Odyssey on the same system. Big Switch titles will require more development resources than Big 3DS titles. But that also means that said big titles can be optimized for both home console and handheld play, and can free up resources for more unique ideas as well, so in a way, it everything evens out. 

I still think there could be smaller 3DS type games on the Switch, but that limitation is no longer there. So Nintendo could opt to make more bigger titles than the latter.



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