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Mummelmann said:
Miyamotoo said:

Shipped numbers are only official numbers we are getting, so of course I talking about shipped numbers, we getting official shipped numbers at end of every quarter, but at end shipped numbers equals sold numbers like you can see on link down:


I know how shipped numbers work, and I know the manufacturers supply them, I've been around here for over 11 years. You never specified shipped numbers, the thread is about lifetime sales of various platforms and it's on vgchartz, which has its own sales charts, the default discussion topic would then be sold to customers as per the front page. That's sort of the point of this place. Around holidays and during clearance sales, shipped figures tell only part of the story.

"Shipped numbers are only official numbers we are getting, so of course I talking about shipped numbers" again; that has to be specified. The OP makes no mention of shipped figures and the general discussion in the thread is about whether or not any one console will outsell the PSP. You have to be more clear, unless you changed your mind once you did the math and then insisted on shipped numbers instead, of course.

First for me is far more logical to compare official numbers instead VGHCHZ tracked numbers that are constantly getting adjusted, also its far more easier to predict and track Switch shipped numbers because we are getting offciall numbers for them regular basis. Second, I dont think its big difference when we comparing PSP numbers in any case because PSP is not producing and selling any more in any case, with official ship numbers for Switch, because like I wrote, ship numbers at end eaquels sold numbers in any case, like you can see for instance on examples of Wii and DS from link down and VGHCHZ numbers for those consoles (its same number). Also, keep in mind that shipped numbers means sold to retailers consoles, so Nintendo sold them in any case.