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LudicrousSpeed said:
I was surprised they flat out ruined the ending to FC5 like that. The game isn’t that old.

Anyways we’ll see on this, depends on how close to GOTG Rage 2 it launches.

I think when they say the canon ending to Far Cry 5 was the nuke one, they only mean in regards to this game. There is no way that ending will still be canon when Far Cry 6 comes around, Hurk has been in every main Far Cry since 3, and they can't have Hurk in Far Cry 6 if he was trapped in a bunker for 17 years after Far Cry 5. Not only that, but basically every main Far Cry after this would have to be post-apocalypse if they keep this ending as the canon ending, because when the nukes started flying in the US, other countries would have likely launched their nukes at each other as well as the whole world would have been devastated. Most likely the ending where you walk away and plan to come back with the national guard later will be made the canon ending when time for Far Cry 6 roles around. 

3 months between them. Far Cry New Dawn is February 15, Rage 2 is May 14. 

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