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Yeah this feels like quite a bit of hyperbole. I mean what exactly are we giving such incredible props to Nintendo for? Ultimate Alliance 3 being exclusive, which feels like it has more to do with some list war than actually being a big deal? A Persona 5 character being DLC for Smash? A couple games being on Switch that are on every other platform and had more to do with those companies deciding if they wanted to make a Switch version?

I mean I get that the OP wasn't intending to shit on anyone else but this reeks of grossly over-inflating Nintendo's image at TGA 2018. I get being excited and that's cool and I felt Nintendo had a decent presence last night. I just think we should dial it down a notch. If Nintendo showed us Metroid Prime 4, the next Pokemon, and actual Bayonetta 3 footage then yeah I'd be right alongside the OP.