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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
drinkandswim said:

It depends what kind of games you are into. It is only December, but so far early 2019 looks light. I don't know how Nintendo plans on hitting 20 million by March 2019. Spring to the end of 2019 looks Great. 2020 is a big concern with PS5 expected to launch. 


Fire Emblem, Yoshi, SMBUDX are all early 2019, 

Yeah I meant January, February, March. I think Yoshi and Fire Emblem are both slated for Spring. I think im passing on SMBUDX. I might pick up Travis Strikes Back: No More Heroes in January. I will see how the reviews turn out. But I expect there is going to be a Direct end of December or early January so maybe there will be more added for February and March.