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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Lol so much for that late 2019 release date speculation. Game looks like hot garbage.

Yeah, this looks like the first Far Cry that I skip. I really don't know what Ubisoft was thinking both when they were designing it and when they were picking a date for it. They are releasing it just 11 months after Far Cry 5, in the busiest gaming window in years. It's releasing 2 weeks after Resident Evil 2 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3, 1 week after God Eater 3 and Ubisoft's own Trials Rising, the same week as Crackdown 3, Dead or Alive 6, and Jump Force, and 1 week before Anthem and Metro Exodus. What an awful window to release it in. 

Then there is the setting. Out of all the great setting choices in the 2 most recent official Far Cry setting surveys, they go with post-apocalypse, one of the most overused settings in games. It's releasing 1 week before another post-apocalypse shooter, Metro Exodus, and 3 months before Rage 2, another post-apocalypse shooter. And both Rage 2 and Metro Exodus just look like better games to me. The art style on New Dawn looks ridiculous, it is on the same map as Far Cry 5 but 20 or so years after nukes drop, and yet the game is more colorful than Far Cry 5 with flowers everywhere. I get they didn't want to do just brown destruction everywhere like earlier Fallout games or Mad Max, but they could have found a happy medium between color and decimation like Rage 2 and Fallout 76 found.