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KLXVER said:
taus90 said:
slightly Off topic.. But just within 2 years here we have another Fry Cry with same map different setting. Yet there are people who still believe Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will take 5 years

Most of Sonys studios seem to take their time to create new worlds for their games. I don't think GG will reuse the same map for the sequel of Horizon. I think it will be a vastly different setting.

I'm expecting they will reuse the map but add large sections to it personally. Horizon 1 map is mostly the territory of the Nora and the Carja. Some possible territories they could add to the map for Horizon 2 include the territory of the Oseram to the north, the Banuk to the northwest, the Tenkath to the South, and the Utaru to the east. We could easily see a doubling of map size, possibly even a tripling depending on just how ambitious they want to get, though I suspect they will save some territories for the 3rd game. But they can always announce new tribes and expand the map even further across the US if they want to (the territory of the known tribes only covers parts of Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, and Kansas). 

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