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The_Liquid_Laser said:
Not sure how quickly game shops will disappear, if ever. All I know is that if they do, then it is basically the end of the game industry. Expect another crash like the one in '83 if they manage to eliminate the physical shops. The current model very much relies on having enough physical media so that shops will sell hardware too.

What kind of I'll informed statement is this?!? How does the brick and mortar bring any value to the game industry if any thing it make the cost of game higher and cut in developers profit. If these store shut down there are plenty of avenues to sell the hardware, groceries outlet, Big retailers (Costco,Walmart,Target), pharmacies & this little known online retailer called Amazon.

Just look at today announcement from Epic games, This will increase the revenues for developers and lower the amount of games that must be sold in order to turn a profit. This should increase the amount of developers that can make a niche game for smaller audiences and without having to worry if the game will make or break them.

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