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Shadow1980 said:
Specialty retailers? Maybe, depending on if GameStop can make the necessary changes to stay afloat (and seeing as they represent probably 90+% of B&M game-focused retail in the U.S. ...).

In general? No, because general retail outlets will still stock video games. Walmart, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, etc., will still carry games.

Also, I don't think that digital will continue to grow to the level it did with music. As with books, there is still too much demand for physical games. At some point, the overall physical-to-digital ratio must stabilize, and I think it will stabilize at a point where physical is still in large enough demand to justify the continued existence of consoles using physical formats (and store space dedicated to selling them).

Couldn't GameStop/EB Games just ramp up the gaming-related merch? Doesn't that bring in a lot of people?

Some days I just blow up.