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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
curl-6 said:

In case my OP was misunderstood by some, as CGI rightly pointed out, I am not saying resolution is entirely unimportant. Just that I personally think the end result is often more pleasing when other graphical aspects are prioritized over sheer pixel count, and that I feel the raw number of pixels is sometimes given more emphasis than it warrants.

A lot of us don't only play games made in today's standards though. This year I've spent more time playing on my 360 than my Switch due to the lack of appealing games on the latter, so a lot of the stuff I've played recently are games made 6-13 years ago. Speaking of Switch, due to hardware constraints when porting from more powerful hardware, some of its games don't reach the generally accepted resolution "standards of today" either.

Totally agree with your edit, that and interactivity are two areas I want to see future games focus more on.

Curl .... literally my second sentence. 

I'm not talking about playing old games at higher resolutions though. I'm talking about the tradeoffs made when a game is created. For example, when Alan Wake was made, the devs chose to target 540p instead of the typical 7th gen 720p in order to focus more resources on other aspects.