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Like wrote in other thread, it wouldn't be first time their PR is not most accurate.

What is very possible is that with "more than 8.2m" numbers gave us numbers until October with this "5 day period sales", so without other November numbers. And that would actually make sense, because it expected that Switch in that period sold around 800-900k (because thats more than Wii best week and perfectly fit with those "more than 8.2m" sold units).

Also, this one of latests Benji posts:

-I think estimating anywhere from 1.1 million - 1.5 million for Switch in November is realistic. I know that's a big range but given the PR (outside the weird LTD figure) it seem highly unlikely it's either below or above that figure
-Considering we have Switch doing a confirmed over 800k on BF week alone, yeah. Switch and PS4 are going to be very close come NPD in November. And likely unless Sony have something big planned for December Switch may end up the best selling hardware for the Year